These underused and usually-closed newsstand kiosks appear on street corners all along Market Street in San Francisco. The Grand Newsstand was the first to revitalize one of these kiosks into a good ol' fashioned zine shop. The Grand Newsstand invited local artists and vendors to bring pop-up shops and open up these kiosks for one weekend in July 2016 for Kiosk Fest. I decided to use mine to hawk beauty and fashion magazines -- but not your typical magazines.

These magazines had been lovingly altered and transformed, sprinkled with messages of empowerment, inviting readers to question the media they consume, and ready -- SO READY -- for willing participants to shopdrop them into the world amongst other unsuspecting beauty mags. Here are some of the places I know these magazines went: into a magazine rack at the CVS across the street from our kiosk, mailed to a young niece, shared with a classroom of high school students, and among a pile of magazines in a doctor's office waiting room.

During the weekend, we also crowdsourced an "Encyclopedia of Beautiful Things".