Hey there. Welcome. I'm Christina. I make comics. You can read them below. Political stuff up top, family stuff underneath that. I'm fiddling with this website, but in the meantime: Get in touch. Sign up for my newsletter. You know, all the things.

Common Nonsense

Taking a second look at aspects of our culture that we take for granted and creating visions for a better world.

Read Haircut


A musing on simple beauty rituals. Because nothing is ever that straightforward.

April 2017

Read diary comics from February and March 2017

Diary Comics: Feb+Mar

Diary comics that include lots of moving house and lots of processing home.

February - March 2017

Read diary comics from January 2017

Diary Comics: Jan 2017

Diary comics about moving and resisting, about silence and stuff.

January 2017

Read A Comic About Beauty

On Beauty

Learning and unlearning what the world tells us about beauty -- and our value as women. View related projects at Dear Daughter.

October 2016

Read a comic about rootlessness and refugees


On rootlessness and refugees.

January 2017

Read a comic about imposter syndrome

Imposter Syndrome

Drawing connections between the Dunning-Kruger Effect, the creative "gap", and imposter syndrome.

January 2017

Read The Story of Wetiko

The Story of Wetiko

Stories are how we make sense of our world, and wetiko is the story virus of always needing more more more.

July 2016

Read Moment

A Moment for Orlando

Sometimes the news breaks your heart, and you just need a moment. Sometimes you need a lot of moments.

June 2016

Read Why I'm a Dinner Partier

Why I'm a Dinner Partier

Why The Dinner Party is important to me, and why I'm a Dinner Partier.

Dec 2015

Read Sadness on the Internet

Sadness on the Internet

A visual essay exploring how our emotions manifest themselves on the internet. Written during AC4D.

Feb 2011

Wandering Grace

Navigating the tender, reflective spaces in family, love, and loss.

Read Guidance


A comic about tarot and tea and looking for answers.

May 2016

Read Closets

Closets (Parts 1–7)

"Closets" is a story about my dad, told in 7 chapters. It's about my relationship with my parents, and in the end -- it's about love.

Oct 2015

Read Closets, Part 7

Closets (7 of 7)

Who are you not to be?

Sep 2015

Read Closets, Part 6

Closets (6 of 7)

The stories we tell ourselves.

Sep 2015

Read Closets, Part 5

Closets (5 of 7)

The absence of broken presence.

Sep 2015

Read Closets, Part 4

Closets (4 of 7)

Skeletons in the closet.

Sep 2015

Read Closets, Part 3

Closets (3 of 7)

The comfort of closets.

Aug 2015

Read Closets, Part 2

Closets (2 of 7)

In and out of closets. #LoveWins

Aug 2015

Read Closets, Part 1

Closets (1 of 7)

The me I'm meant to be.

Aug 2015

Read Release


How we hold trauma in our bodies, and how we shake shake shake it off.

May 2015

Read Aging


A reflection on the alchemy of time, inspired by Lunar New Year travels visiting family in Asia.

Feb 2015

Read Unspoken


This one is about words because I love words and because words matter. It’s also about #SayingGoodbye.

Dec 2014

Read Home


Moving always triggers in me a tug of war between letting go and preserving ties.

Nov 2014

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